Conflux’s music coalesces meticulous classical composition, loose jazz improvisation, and raw heavy metal brutality into a deeply sophisticated but widely accessible sound. Sound crazy? It is. But it’s also unequivocally awesome. With a broad range of appeal, the quartet consistently challenges the notion that “art” and “entertainment” are two separate entities, producing songs that are just as groovy as they are cerebral.   Official Website:

“A thrilling romp around a nightclub moshpit”

-Miles Christopher,

“Intense, vibrant and just a little unusual, Spark is well worth checking out”

– Stephen Reid, Sea of Tranquility webzine

“Conflux is a blending of 2 completely different music genres…as if Yakuza and Cynic had a threesome with the Chicago blues scene and made an intelligent love child”

– The Asylum Metal Radio, CT

“Outstanding musicianship and finding a way to do instrumental music in an original, entertaining and exciting way means Conflux is a winner, plain and simple.”

– Peter Braidis,