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Burke taking on North American corruption

Discovered on the Swiss- Italian border in 1847 as both a renewable fuel source and cure for the impoverished affluence set off by complexities of human nature, Dan Burke was labeled a beast of burden and put to work in the salt mines where he could only dream of playing the saxophone.  That dream became a reality a year later when Dan Burke met up with Italian guitar virtuoso François Lafranchi, Russian drummer Bohdan Cezton, and English born American raised bassist Ivor Deathington Esq.  The band Aquatic Ornithology was formed and steadily rose to the top, but with Deathington constant longing to play 20th century music in a 19th century world the fame was short lived.  By 1867 Aquatic Ornithology vanished from history’s weave and again Dan Burke was without a band, without a homeland…

Not much is known about Dan Burke between then and now.  Scholars maintain that Burke was a railroad conductor and smuggler of alcohol during the prohibition years.  Still substantial evidence suggests that he lived in Minnesota where he worked as a form of dual taxable Canadian-American currency.  Still more evidence proves that he never existed and was nothing more than a demented fabrication of a twisted “old coot.”  Whichever the case maybe, one thing is clear: Dan Burke plays saxophone.